Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck In Search of America

I’m in the mood to take to the road. Unfortunately, I can’t travel at this time. So why not do a little Armchair Travel? I’ve had John Steinbeck’s non-fiction book, Travels with Charley, on my shelf for forever. It has a torn plastic cover. It must have been an old book discarded by a library to a used book store. I love looking at the front and back cover. There is this old guy, John Steinbeck in watercolor with his big poodle dog, Charley. Plus, there is the pickup truck with a cabin on the back.

I’ve just begun my journey with the three. I’m getting in the groove slowly. We’re up North around Maine, Deer Island or Isle. John Steinbeck is thinking about the difference between weather and climate. He prefers weather. I also prefer weather. It’s less boring when seasons are distinct from one another. After all, weather helps me converse. I can always fall back on “can you believe this heat?” “If it turns any colder, I’m going to have to hibernate like a bear.” Sadly, at this present time, I’m living where there is climate. Seasons are a bit different but not much. Thank God, some autumns poodle fill our yards and highways and city streets with orange and red leaves. Do you prefer weather or climate?


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