Thinking About October



Although fall has not arrived, most people are beginning to think of the colorful trees and Halloween. I know many readers including myself have our thoughts on what to read that is exciting and frightening. While I’m thinking of the fall and anxious for its arrival, I am also thinking of the human mind. Why do men and women take a chance to commit adultery? Paulo Coelho seems to have many answers in his new book,  Adultery. However, I have something else on my mind.  I want to thank him for helping me  decide what to read during the frightening month of October. He mentions Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde which I loved and would love  to read again. He also mentions Frankenstein. Here is a true confession. I have never read the classic, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Neither have I seen the movie. Shame on me. I’m really embarrassed. So, between now and October I’m going to repent. I’ll show my repentant spirit by reading Frankenstein. Confession is good for the soul. I now feel better. I know there is support out there and forgiveness for which I thank you. I might write what I think about this Classic.




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