Why I Need A Dog Along With My Cat

dogsI’m still reading  Travels With Charley by John Steinbeck. I started it Wednesday. Didn’t think I would want to keep reading, but I do. After visiting Deer Isle, Maine, I want to ride further with Rosinante and Charley. To the three, I must seem like a meddlesome hitchhiker. He was kind enough to pick me up in the worse rain storm. The author describes rain in a way that makes me feel like I need to put on a pair of boots and get my umbrella.

Now Mr. Steinbeck is writing about Charley’s helpfulness. Charley helps Steinbeck meet friends. Isn’t that sweet? It’s true too. Whenever I see a dog on a leash with his master, I want to stop and chat. Of course, I want to pet the pup too. I always ask the master is the dog friendly. By this time, the dog can hardly wait to meet me too. Their tongue is hanging out like they’re thirsty. I suppose they’re thirsty to meet a new friend. Their tail wags like a ticker pendulum.

In establishing contact with strange people, Charley is my ambassador. I release him,  and he drifts toward the objective or rather to whatever the objective may be preparing for dinner.”

Anyway, I want a puppy. My favorite pet is a cat. I have one cat. I think she would have many fun days with a dog around. They could play Hide and Seek together. My reasoning isn’t moving my husband. He says very firmly. “Not another cat, and no dog.” Well, I haven’t given up the fight or the ship.

“I have not yet begun to fight”(John Paul Jones).

  Now I have a broader reason. I need a dog to win friends and influence people. Maybe quoting that self help professional, Dale Carnegie, will work. When my husband was a very young man, he read many self help books. That’s the only reason I know about a title like winning friends and influencing people. I just want him to think about the friendliness of dogs and how dogs can communicate this emotion to a whole community. I can even use Charley as an example dog. I want a Jack Russell. Our neighbor has one. I know. Charley is a poodle. That shouldn’t matter. I don’t have to use the same breed for my example of a doggie ambassador. It just needs to be a dog.

Well, I’m getting antsy to use my example today and no later. I’m also really wanting to see where Mr. John will stop next on our travels. I’m a hitchhiker who doesn’t want to jump out of the truck. I guess Charley will have to push me out.  Before I go, look at this really happy, friendly dog. Friendship is written across his forehead in bold, invisible letters. Whoops, Mr. John has stopped the truck. I’m outta here. Bye Rosinante, Charley and Mr. John.


Why I Need A Dog











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