When All of Life Caves In

On that day the unthinkable happened: the coffee shop ran out of coffee. I couldn’t believe it. How could a coffee shop run out of coffee? I felt so upset. I wanted to grab a waitress and strangle her. After all, I was almost late for work. I wasted precious moments sitting here.  I told the waitress close by. “This is inexcusable. I won’t be coming back.” Before she could answer me, I slammed the door. As I walked down the street, I thought how much of my life had gone extremely wrong in one week. Each  time something happened, I tried to say a prayer and focus on the Lord. Obviously, that hadn’t worked. Because at this moment I felt like my heart was beating too fast. My hands were trembling, and my forehead felt clammy and wet.

All of a sudden, I turned the car to the left and then, right down a backway for little boutique stores. I would go talk to my Grandmother Pat. She always could calm me down. I was so glad to park the car in front of her house. I felt like my driving had been erratic. Was I having a nervous breakdown? No. I took a deep breath. I just needed to get in God’s will. His will was for me to act patiently. Not lose my temper because the coffee didn’t show up.


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