Spiritual Journaling / God’s Will

swanI am trying to live in God’s will for the first time in my life. This means I want to trust Jesus with my whole life. For now that means not to struggle with the unknowns in my life. I must learn that when God wants me to know the unknown He will share it with me. I trust Him by showing patience and not anxiety and impatience. I’m a very impatient and anxious person. Definitely something I hate to admit. When I really understand, I will let go of the wish to control my circumstances. I must give Him the reins of my life knowing what is good for me to know I will know in the perfect time. What I don’t know is good also. There is a time for everything, for every moment. If He hasn’t told me, I don’t need to know. Not knowing doesn’t mean He has forgotten I’m down here on earth trying to survive daily life. It just means it’s not time yet. It’s all about trust. It’s all good. He’s loyal and filled with Everlasting Love. He says I am His child. So it’s all good. I just need to let go and swim gracefully.


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