Unusual Food Combo (suggestion from The Daily Prompt

Yes, I have a weird food combo. I haven’t eaten it in a long time. The last time was during my childhood. My mother would make me eat eggs. I hate eggs. As she would tell it, when I was a baby, I went to sleep the moment she would put a spoon with egg on it to my mouth. Around nine or ten years old, I decided to cover the bright yellow over easy or scrambled egg with ketchup. I would shake enough ketchup on the egg to cover the white part of the egg, the yellow part of the egg and any other colored part of the egg. The red ketchup helped me swallow the egg. I could only taste ketchup.
Now that I’m a grown-up I love to cook eggs. I can cook a pretty and yellow fluffy scrambled egg. Sometimes I chop cheese up and add to the egg. My eggs, not bragging, are easy on the eyes and good to eat. I still don’t like to eat them unless they are in potato salad, tuna salad or in any pastries. Strange? I know, but you asked. So I told it. Now you think I’m weird. That’s okay. Go and enjoy your eggy breakfast.


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