Her heart crumbled as she saw the betrayal laid out before her… Word Prompt


Her heart crumbled as she saw the betrayal laid out before her. She didn’t know whether to look at her brothers and sisters or to keep her head down. She knew only that she wanted to die. All of this time she thought they had her back like when they were children. It wasn’t that way at all. They blamed her for the breakup of her mother’s fourth marriage. Since she was in the last stages of cancer, the family thought she couldn’t deal with stress. True. Then, I moved in with my dirty clothes sack of problems. Her world fell apart piece by piece while she lay sick in bed. Thinking her only worry was whether someone would come in to open the window while the shade was on that side of the house. Really, her problem was whether my stepfather and I would kill each other before another morning shined in her window. From the time he looked at me during a New Year’s Eve party, he had hated me.  It was our first meeting. Holding a champagne glass while his other arm lie across my mother’s back, he looked at me like I was the most ugliest, dishonorable person in the world. I couldn’t walk over to him. My feet wouldn’t carry me. Like now, I felt paralyzed. I felt  it better to turn around and walk out the door as quickly as possible.


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