Nelson Mandela Day



Today is Nelson Mandela Day. I am grateful for such a day. It is a time for me to remind myself of  Nelson Mandela’s legacy. His dream  for those he  left on earth is  to remember the highest motivation. It  is to love our fellowman. In other words to strive to live the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

How many miles from our continent is it to Africa? Thousands? Yet, this man’s life and death has made distance in miles shrink or not matter at all. His beam of light continues to flare brightly.  It is  impossible to hide from the brightness. Now Light years away in Heaven or wherever good people go after death, his love for freedom still reaches  us. Living under the bondage of any one man’s superiority over another man can only destroy a nation. Freedom for all mankind is necessary for us to live a good life here on earth. Nelson Mandela is our guiding light.


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