lucid, pennies, derail

Lucky PenniesMy thoughts completely derail when I remember you walking into the dining room with chandelier candlelight behind you. I was not lucid. All I could think of were the copper pennies in the stockings under my pillow. I kept pennies in a red sock under my pillow all the time, always. My father told me, “keeping pennies close will always bring you good luck.” I always believed every word he said until the night he lied to the policemen. He pointed at my mother. “She’s nuts. She follows me everywhere I go in the car. Last week she slapped a woman’s face, a co-worker whom I had picked up to take to work at the dry cleaning plant. After she slapped her, she ran. If she ever buys a gun, well that’s the end of the story for all of us.
I looked at him with my mouth open. That wasn’t the truth. My mother had left us a long time ago. I didn’t think she would ever come back.


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