Write Now! The Day I Became a Thief


As she … board the bus, she was frozen in her tracks when she recognized the man getting off of it. It was the man who accused her of stealing money from the church offering plate. It all happened one Sunday. Her life had gone from bad to worse. Now she was homeless. As a last resort, she walked into a huge Catholic Church. She knew the rituals well. Her mother was a staunch Catholic: She prayed the rosary. She went to confession. She went to an early mass. She cooked fish on Fridays.  So Marie felt like she had come to a best friend’s home for advice. However, when the offering plate came into her hands, she couldn’t let it go. She pretended a need to blow her nose and cough. Then, she quickly picked up two crumbled bills, two twenty dollar bills. She wondered why no one had noticed. That was the wrong assumption. Some one noticed and told the Priest and sisters. This very man getting off the bus had been the snitch. She wondered if he had seen her. Thank goodness, they were going in different directions.






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