What Kind of Dream Would I Like to Have? (Prompt 1)

Traveling in My Night Time DreamsIf I were an inventor, I would make a tiny machine, as big as a cellphone,  where my dream ideas could be entered.  Thinking up the dreams I would like to have isn’t a new idea. I guess it’s like daydreaming. My Dream machine would work for nighttime dreams. If I could pick a dream, I would pick a dream about traveling. As much as I enjoy travel photos and Armchair travel, I’ve never dreamed about backpack hiking, railroad train riding, biking or flying across the pond. It seems strange not to dream about a passion. I’ve never dreamed about getting locked in a library overnight either.  I can’t think why it’s not possible to pick a dream for the evening. Maybe having such power would hinder my imagination. Since my imagination isn’t great, I need nothing that would hinder its progress.


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