An Invented Dream / Freudian Flips /The Daily Prompt

The Daily Prompt

The Daily Prompt

Last night I had the weirdest dream. In the dream I was on another planet. This planet didn’t have a recognizable name. I just know the planet spun faster than the earth and the sun. I landed on this planet after running away from Planet Earth. Earth followed me like a big bully. It’s always impossible to survive an attack of a bully. I survived this one. I landed on this pink and white planet. It looked like a candy cane. I almost looked around for Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus because the planet was so much like a Christmas Eve. How wonderful if there was a Christmas planet to run to every time a bully attacked. When the dream ended, my pink and white planet rolled over and smashed my bully. Instead of waking up screaming, I woke up smiling. I tried to go back to sleep. So I could return to this foreign but friendly place. It didn’t happen. I ended up going to the kitchen to eat an orange.


2 thoughts on “An Invented Dream / Freudian Flips /The Daily Prompt

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