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ereading while away from home.

ereading while away from home.

An Ounce of Home

You’re embarking on a yearlong round-the-world adventure, and can take only one small object with you to remind you of home. What do you bring along for the trip.


If I were going on a yearlong round-the-world adventure, and could only take one small object with me to remind me of home, I would take my ereader. If it were a Nook, I would take a Nook. Since it’s a kindle, I would take my Kindle. I would choose my ereader because there would be hundreds of stories and poems at my side all the time. These stories and poems, if thought about, would surely lead me to think about some aspect of my family and home. For example, maybe a story is about a lonely soldier who misses his wife and children. He misses his wife’s Green Bean casserole. He misses playing baseball with his boys.  This story would make me think about a Thanksgiving dinner I’d experienced where the family fell in love with my Rum cake. All the smells and joys would come back to me. This story about the soldier would remind me of the good time we experienced when all of our boys received brand new bikes for the first time. I would see them riding down the street again. I would see B rushing to put the bikes together again. I would see again the sad days when the bike wheels became flat. One story could remind me of so much about home. Plus, I would have the joy of reading with me for the whole year. I am sure there would be poems to help me get through the days and nights of homesickness as well.

My first idea was to carry a bundle of photographs. I could look at those and not get bored. Then, I thought on my travels there might be terrible weather conditions from time to time: Dust Storms, Tsunamis, Monsoons, wind storms. These unexpected incidents might permanently destroy my treasure of photos which would make me very sad for the rest of the trip.  So, that’s why I chose the ereader  for my ounce of home. This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t take new photos on the trip. I surely would have a camera in both my hands all the time hoping nothing would happen to these new memories.


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  2. This was interesting! I had a difficult time choosing what to bring to encompass all parts of “home” to me, I didn’t think to bring an ereader! Such a great idea.

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