Music And Free Writing

I love any song sung by Lionel Ritchie. His voice is so romantic. Even if your not in love his voice makes you believe you’re waiting for a Prince Charming to ride by. I like Still, Easy On Sunday Morning and Truly. Romance is important in life. I don’t think you ever get too old to enjoy candlelight dinners, holding hands  or going to the circus. I have been to the circus many times. I like to walk around. i have sat up in the bleachers. I always feel too still to sit there and watch the trapeze people or the lions in the cages. i’ve never wanted to join the circus. I know some children grow up wanting to join the circus or to be a clown. It didn’t happen for me. I wouldn’t mind working at an amusement park. That would be more fun. I would always be happy watching the laugh and scream and cry while riding the ferris wheen or a roller coaster. One time we went to Florida. We went to Busch Gardens. My oldest son had ridden the Kumba about four times. He would get off and get back on again. That’s why we couldn’t find him. I couldn’t make myself get on it for the first time. I don’t do roller coasters. I’ll do the ferris wheel in a hot rush. I hate how the ride swings back and forth when you’re at the very top. I would love to go to Six Flags. I haven’t been there. It’s in Georgia. My family has gone but not me. I would like to go to Disney World too. I think the long lines would drive me nuts. My middle son went to Disney Land in California. I don’t think there was a Disney World in Orlanda yet. I’ll never forget how I felt seeing him take off in that airplane. My heart was in my mouth. He came home acted like he had gone no where special. I’ve never been to California. i’ve only been on the East Coast. My sister went to California to a church event. She didn’t seem overwhelmed by it either. I think people are so tired from traveling by the time they get home they’re too tired to talk about what they’ve seen. They just give you all the photos and say, “have a look.” I would like to take more photos than I do take. I depend on my sons to take photos of my grandchildren since I never have the chance to see them. IWhen my boys were small, we took a few pictures but not many because we didn’t have the money or by the time we had the money, the roll of film had gotten lost. Many photos were given to my sister. She said, “Ill keep them for you.” Remember well going to a five and dime to get Gerald’s photo taken. The minute we got him all posed in his pretty white sleepers he wet his diaper. Thank goodness it didn’t show up in the photo. Afterwards I got him to the car and changed him in the front seat. I really had gotten good at changing diapers in almost any place. When I became pregnant with Gerald, I went home to have my first baby. My dad believed the doctors in Philadelphia were the best. I stayed until the baby was born. Then, I came back home by airplane. I remembering my breasts becoming full of milk. I had to breastfeed scrunched in a stall of the public bathroom. Mothers do a lot of magical things while their kids are small. Then, it all melts away like you didn’t really do anything. I guess because one day tends to look like the next day and the next day. Besides, who is around to record what you do except yourself? Usually, you’re too tired to record anything, remember anything or talk about anythig. Anyway, I still experience empty nest syndrome, I miss my boys, my sons. Back then I thought they couldn’t grow up fast enough especially when it came to school work. I never could tell whether they had homework or didn’t have homework. Talking to teachers didn’t help either. i think they charmed their teachers or something. Image



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