Book Beginnings /Friday 56

Heart of Gold by Beverly Jenkins


Autumn 1885

Kansas plains–outskirts of Henry Adams

Illuminated like a specter by the light of the full moon, Neil July sat his horse and voiced his doubts. “I don’t know why you’re burying the gold way out here. You’re never going to find it again.” Griffin Blake tossed another shovelful of dirt from the hole he was digging. “Sure I will.”

“We’re on the plains of Kansas. No trees. No landmarks. Nothing to remember where it is when we come back for it.”

Griffin paused. “We? This is mygold. I robbed that tImageImagerain.”


Veronika Decides To Die by Paulo Coelho

“Three years had passed. Yugoslavia’s war with Croatia moved to Bosnia, and reports began to circulate of massacres committed by the Serbs. Zedka thought it unjust to label a whole nation as criminals because of the folly of a few madmen. Her life took on a meaning she had never expected. She defended her people with pride and courage, writing in newspapers, appearing on television, organizing conferences. None of this bore any fruit, and even today foreigners still believe all the Serbs were responsible for those atrocities, but Zedka knew she had done her duty, and that she could not abandon her brothers and sisters at such a difficult time. She could count on the support of her Slovene husband, of her children, and of people who were not manipulated by propaganda machines of either side.”Image Image


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