This is a very heartfelt nonfiction book. K.P. Yohannan took me into the world of Asian children. Sadly, most of these children are still living within the caste system. In the caste system, you can not move up or down. If you’re of low estate, you remain that way always. In parts of Asian society where caste is no longer looked upon as productive,the ideas do not go away easily. A child may be given chores to do at school like scrubbing the floor, etc. 

These Asian children live very hard lives. Some parents are not able to take care of their children. So they sell their children to other people hoping the people will treat their children well: feed the children well, get them to school and get good health care for the children. It is not easy for these parents to give away their children. Like we in the West love our children, they love their children too. The way these Asian children live is hard to swallow: These children starve. These children get no education. These children live too faraway from health facilities to receive care. Housing is beneath what we would even call housing. Then, because of the caste system there is no way out. You’re stuck. 

K.P. Yohannan believes it is really our duty to help and save these children by taking care of their physical needs and preaching the Gospel to them. It is his belief that just taking care of physical needs and not sharing words of Spirit is a job half done. The Gospel must be preached. When physical needs are taken care of and where people are given a spiritual message about the Kingdom, love and forgiveness, there can only be happiness. 

Gospel For Asia is a wonderful organization as described in NO LONGER A SLUMDOG by K.P. YOHANNAN. I feel truly good knowing there is an organization which cares so much about how children are treated. Throughout the book there are videos listed, and there are photos on almost every page. Well after this book is read there is a well developed site about the children with personal stories,,

It really moved me to read about how much Jesus cared for the little children. The scripture is given “suffer the little children to come unto me.”  K.P. Yohannan also recommends sponsoring a child. I had never heard of any one talking about sponsoring a child with such vigor. If you care about and love children, this book, No Longer A Slumdog, will mean a great deal to you. Image


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